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#112 Tamsin Egerton

19 year old British actress Tamsin Egerton appears in the just released film St Trinian's 2 and this very leggy young lady has certainly caused heads to turn, not least when she wore a very fetching little black dress. Handled correctly (so to speak)this newcomer will have a great future ahead of her.

As a St Trinian's schoolgirl

Some other pics of her for any readers who'd like to see them, my word what a very leggy young lady she is.

General update

I haven't updated recently due to a combination of being incredibly busy and incredibly lazy all at the same time but I'm starting up again as of now.
Incidentally I've just looked back at all the posts in the blog to remind me of what I had and hadn't posted. I noticed there are a couple of duplicate picture posts, due to the chaotic (non)organisation of my picture collection. If you happen to notice any duplicates in future posts please let me know so I can put post a substitute.



Hardley Surton update

On 30 Sept I made posted wondering at the Hardley Surton mystery as all his blogs had suddenly disppeared without any apparent warning. A few days ago he left a comment on the post as follows -
"No more updates, but all my old pics are here now:
enjoy -HS"

Thanks HS, I'm sure many blog readers will be pleased to know you're archive is safe and accessible.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

# 111 Who's Died?

Wow thats looks like a wild and swinging party! Who's died!!!!!

# 110

I love the contrast here between these young ladies, different looks but both equally gorgeous and exciting.

Monday, October 26, 2009

# 109 Take Your Pick

A late post of the usual Little Black Dress Blog friday night take your pick post, Enjoy!! These horny girlies are from ASU (Arizona, Arkansas, Alsaka?) and by the way I've bagsied Lindsey for myself, oh yes I have, so hands off!
Mary, Jen, Megan, Lindsey, Gigi.
Mary and Sam
Mary, Ray, Dana, Amanda.
Kyndal, Katie, Corrie, Mary
Jen and Mary
Mary and Emily

Thursday, October 22, 2009

# 108 Cheryl Cole and Girls Aloud

At this promo for Sunsilk shampoo the Girls Aloud dresser/designers have put the girls in a range of brightly coloured clinging mini dresses to show off their figures but Cheryl has kept to a short clingy little black number knowing she can't fail to look fab in one. Nice to see celeb designer/dressers who have some idea of what they're doing (cf post #59 and Anne Hathaway's recurring fashion nightmare until this blog famously intervened).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

# 107

I have a problem with women ... so many women, so little time, thats the problem! Yes the old jokes are the best, sometimes.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

# 106 Chery Cole

Cheryl Cole of Girls Aloud causing heads to turn at the recent Pride of Britain awards. As ever she looks a natural in a little black dress.

Monday, October 19, 2009

# 105 Dollhouse

An member of the cast of the 2009 TV series Dollhouse. Looking Good.

# 104 Nadine Coyle

Leggy Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud. She certainly knows how to tease in a little black dress.

The blurb which went with this pic said - "For those who may not know, 22 year old Irish singer Nadine Coyle is one fifth of the UK girl group, Girls Aloud, and 90% of the talent (the remaining 10% goes to Nicola). She is also the on/off other half of Desperate Housewives douche bag, Jesse Metcalf..... Nadine is most famous for (second to her voice) her gorgeous long legs which she likes to show off as often as possible."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

# 103 Splosh

# 102 Petra Nemcova

Model Petra Nemcova seen here at the opening of Saks Fifth Avenue in Mexico.

Friday, October 16, 2009

# 101 Yes It's Friday Night, It's the Little Black Dress Blog, So It Must Be Take Your Pick Night.

As ever It's Friday night and don't say the Little Black Dress blog doesn't provide for it's readers, as ever select your date from these charming girls, left to right, Mel Jen Sally and Rachel.
Sally and Rachel.
Jen, Sally and Mel,talk to them now whilst they're still sober.
Rachel and Jen with their lucky escorts.
Sally and Rachel, the beginning.
Sally being authorative.
Sal and Rach.
Rach and Sal
Rachel and Sally
Jen Sally and Rachel, first shots of the evening, Oh dear I think It's all downhill from here on in.
Sally and Rachel
Jen and Rachel.
Rachel and Mel.
Sally and Jen
Sallyyyyeee .... good luck with the hangover!
Rach and Jen.
Jen, devil take the hindmost cleavage balance.
Mel, such poise and grace whilst balancing a beer can in her cleavage.