Friday, July 31, 2009

# 20

A tall leggy young lady, an American University student, who looks fantastic in a little black dress. Although slim (yet curvy in all the right places), at the same time she has a sort of strong athletic build. I find her very desirable, do other blog readers agree. By the way this pic is a sort of optical illusion, she certainly is tall, but not as tall as this photo seems to suggest.
I've only been drinking orange juice honessssssthly
A great photo for a caption competition "[gasp]Professor!!! do you need such an enormous pen to "mark my essay""I don't remember her exact caption to this photo but it's something like "pic with totally random weirdo guy who wanted to pose with me". I'm sure many young ladies who've been to a night club on a "night out with the girls" have such a souvenir photo in their collection. Her expression seems to say [help me,I think he's got a knife].
She also, If I may say, looks stunning in a Little Blue Dress too
I'll take two
My favourite photo of her amongst many in my collection
Every young lady is allowed to "let her hair down" on New Year's Eve
"Caption Competition Katie" they call her
Utterly gorgeous in a "girl next door" sort of way I find very exciting as, I suspect, many other men do.
She's a caption competition natural

Thursday, July 30, 2009

# 19

A flimsy excuse from the young lady on the left for not adhering to the strict LBD dress code at this formal occasion. " Please accept my apologies Sir, I thought the dress code on the invitation said Little Black Panties"
Click on the photo if you wish to inspect at close quarters this young lady's misdemeanour.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

# 18 Megs

Say hello to Megs blog readers, in this photo I love the way the tightness of her waist in her overall curvy figure allows this young lady to sport a daring strapless backless little black dress which shows her figure off to perfection.
She put the caption to this photo, "with my little sister", I cant quite see the resemblance but I'm more than ready to take her word for it.
I'll have a couple of those ... in more ways than one!

By way of complete contrast ... plenty more of Megs to follow if any requests

# 17 Jessica Lowndes

I confess that when I stumbled upon these photos a few days ago in my quest for gorgeous girls showing it off in LBDs I had absolutely no idea who this radiant lady was although she was obviously a celeb of some sort, I very seldom watch the telly. In fact I jotted her name down incorrectly as Jennifer Lowndes then wondered why I couldn't find anything about her on google. Mistake corrected I now know she's a well known actress and celeb and most importantly looks pretty damn good in an LBD. Enjoy.

Monday, July 27, 2009

# 16

Saturday, July 25, 2009

# 15 Valerie

This delightful young lady is Valerie, an American student. Tall and leggy she certainly looks good in a little black number. This photo was taken just before she set off to attend a wedding with her parents.

Dressed for a casual evening, what a charmer.I'll be posting more of Valerie at some point, hope you enjoyed these photos.

Friday, July 24, 2009

# 14 More from the Summer Ball

More from the Summer Ball at a University in Southern England I featured in post # 4. Here is an English young lady who is privately educated "posh totty" who likes to wear skimpy attire!
Thats a leggy young lady who, frankly, enjoys showing them off

Hi Little Black Dress blog readers I'm drunk posh totty and absolutely gagging for it, any takers?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

# 13 I think I'm in love!

The cheerful young lady on the right looks sensational in her little black dress, an LBD natural!

and, if I may say, she passes muster in a bikini too
and having fun before a fancy dress party
My heart has gone all aflutter, I think I'm in love

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

# 12 Emma Watson

Vivacious English rose and jolly good egg Emma Watson always looks sensational in a little black dress, not least when she's revealing perhaps rather more than a young lady should. Any gentlemen wishing to make a thorough close inspection of her predicament should click on the photo for the hi-res version.

Monday, July 20, 2009

# 11

Oh to be a young man again !!

If you click on these they are nice hi-res .jpg pics about 1.5Mb each, I've reduced them from the original 12 Mb .bmp files, if any regular readers of the blog wants the original .bmp files for their collection drop me an e:mail and I'll send them to you.

# 10

Sunday, July 19, 2009

# 9

More take your pick ....

# 8

Oops, someone received the invitation but didn't read the dress code
An odd person out often crops in my LBD reseraches, perhaps they just wanted to stand out from the crowd
And another .. to be continued

Saturday, July 18, 2009

# 7

Take your pick

Friday, July 17, 2009

# 6

An American high school student waiting for her date ... words fail me

# 5

It's Friday night, the weekend starts here, what more excuse is needed for these students to slip into their little black numbers and have a cocktail dance party.
What a beautiful smile

Not only a beautiful smile but talented too, this test of skill would try a person stone cold sober but she makes it look easy despite having drunk, if I may say, perhaps more cocktails than a young lady should do.
Show us a bit of leg girls

Steady on girls, you'll give me a heart attack.

The effect of the potent cocktails appears to be kicking in