Friday, July 24, 2009

# 14 More from the Summer Ball

More from the Summer Ball at a University in Southern England I featured in post # 4. Here is an English young lady who is privately educated "posh totty" who likes to wear skimpy attire!
Thats a leggy young lady who, frankly, enjoys showing them off

Hi Little Black Dress blog readers I'm drunk posh totty and absolutely gagging for it, any takers?


  1. She comes very close to crossing the fine line between posh totty and drunken slut especially in that outfit, which, let's face it, is more like lingerie than the traditional LBD.

    Nevertheless, I'd certainly be a taker if the invitation arose. After looking at her pictures I now have something here that could have her gagging.

  2. No way she didn't get railed that night. By more than 1 guy presumably.

  3. The terrifying thing is these pics were taken in the hall of residence before she'd even set off for the ball. (pregaming I think it's called in the States, but I may be wrong)