Wednesday, July 29, 2009

# 18 Megs

Say hello to Megs blog readers, in this photo I love the way the tightness of her waist in her overall curvy figure allows this young lady to sport a daring strapless backless little black dress which shows her figure off to perfection.
She put the caption to this photo, "with my little sister", I cant quite see the resemblance but I'm more than ready to take her word for it.
I'll have a couple of those ... in more ways than one!

By way of complete contrast ... plenty more of Megs to follow if any requests


  1. She may not have the hottest face ever, but that body is for real!

  2. Ditto with your thoughts about the face, kyle. I have my doubts if the orange tan is for real too. But there's no denying the great body. No problems keeping a strapless dress up with that figure.