Friday, July 31, 2009

# 20

A tall leggy young lady, an American University student, who looks fantastic in a little black dress. Although slim (yet curvy in all the right places), at the same time she has a sort of strong athletic build. I find her very desirable, do other blog readers agree. By the way this pic is a sort of optical illusion, she certainly is tall, but not as tall as this photo seems to suggest.
I've only been drinking orange juice honessssssthly
A great photo for a caption competition "[gasp]Professor!!! do you need such an enormous pen to "mark my essay""I don't remember her exact caption to this photo but it's something like "pic with totally random weirdo guy who wanted to pose with me". I'm sure many young ladies who've been to a night club on a "night out with the girls" have such a souvenir photo in their collection. Her expression seems to say [help me,I think he's got a knife].
She also, If I may say, looks stunning in a Little Blue Dress too
I'll take two
My favourite photo of her amongst many in my collection
Every young lady is allowed to "let her hair down" on New Year's Eve
"Caption Competition Katie" they call her
Utterly gorgeous in a "girl next door" sort of way I find very exciting as, I suspect, many other men do.
She's a caption competition natural

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  1. "Wait a second. There's no free drink behind this speaker. Why are your pants unzipped?"

    She's definitely a keeper. Nice one!