Sunday, July 19, 2009

# 8

Oops, someone received the invitation but didn't read the dress code
An odd person out often crops in my LBD reseraches, perhaps they just wanted to stand out from the crowd
And another .. to be continued


  1. The giant in the top picture doesn't need a different coloured dress to stand out...I thought at first that you'd superimposed her in with photoshop at the wrong scale!

    I think some research is needed into the attractiveness of the girl and the shortness of the LBD in these group photos.

    The top and bottom shots here being a good example...the hottest babe in the shortest dress, in my opinion. Or am I just being swayed by the expanse of bare thigh?

  2. I'll take the chick that didn't get the memo. She may not be the hottest of the group (except the Asian babe maybe), but she has something special: low self esteem!

    She's already different from the group. Feeling a little off. Just the slightest bit of attention and you can exploit the hell out of her. Sign me up.

  3. I'm most definitely with you on that one kyle!

    thanks for your comments to the blog, they're much appreciated, as are 4erimard's.