Monday, August 3, 2009

# 24 Girls Aloud

December 2007 I was browsing a mega bookstore in London and saw a rack of calendars, including one I immediately bought, the young lady taking my money giving a look of "I know what you'll be doing with that you dirty old man". I honestly had no idea who they were except they must be celebs of some sort, I now know they're Girls Aloud but my opinion remains unchanged, the young lady far left (Nicola) and third from left (Cheryl) both need a good spanking. The photos below are scanned from the calendar, in two parts because my scanner is A4 size and the calendar is teasingly (as one would expect) a bit bigger that that. Enjoy.
And the tart on the right for anyone who's interested.


  1. As an American I know very little about these women except that they are wicked hot. And that Cheryl married Ashley Cole. He must have something to blackmail her with to pull that off.

  2. You guys always have the best calendars over there anyway. Every year I order calendars from, and pay the high cost of shipping to get them here. Just this year I have Keeley Hazell and Lucy Pinder; maybe 2010 will call for a Girls Aloud calendar as well.