Tuesday, August 4, 2009

# 25

Trouble comes in threes! or so they say. Three British teenagers on their way to a party. I found these photos a few years ago on a Yahoo group where the guy who took the photos said he was driving along and saw these girls and stopped his car, got out and asked if he could take their photo which they willingly did with a lot of giggling. The point of mentioning this is that he said that as they walked along the girl in the little black dress was constantly pulling down the hem of her dress which was riding up and adjusting her top as the boobs were spilling out, hem, boobs, hem, boobs, hem boobs etc.. must have been quite a sight. I can't remember the username of the guy who took the photos and posted them but whoever you are thank you Sir.


  1. I'd like to see the state they were in on the way home from the party.

  2. No way any of those dresses stayed on for the entire night.

  3. kyle, taking the dresses off sounds a bit too classy, I suspect it was more like just hoiking them up to the waist whilst they were leaning against some cardboard boxes behind a skip in a supermarket car park is nearer the mark! Thanks for your comments as ever,