Thursday, August 13, 2009

# 38 Leavers Ball - part 1

This photo was taken a month ago at the Leavers Ball at an English school, this 18 year old schoolgirl charmer is a natural for a little black dress. Now (August) she'll have left school and is no doubt lazing on a beach somwhere enjoying a well-earned break before starting University at the end of September. I bet this delightful young lady is causing a few heads to turn as she relaxes in her bikini!With school friends, I suspect all these young ladies are enjoying beach holidays just now and causing hearts to flutter! Sincerely,hope all goes well for you at college. Good Luck!


  1. I thought it was the "Beavers" Ball.

  2. I think you may well be correct there NoddyBlue

  3. That looks like a WILD group of girls.