Saturday, August 22, 2009

# 51 Another Reader Contribution

I'm delighted to post this contribution by regular reader and commenter kyle, thanks mate for sending these in. I've posted these selected ones from a larger set. Is this charming young lady trying on her little black dress in her employer's meeting room before the company dinner dance? I hope she put on a suitable strapless bra before she set off, or perhaps she had her eyes on a raise!


  1. Outstanding post! Perhaps one of your best yet!!! Thank you for sharing such fun pictures of such a beautiful girl!

  2. Many thanks for your feedback RMG, I'll post the rest of the set soon.



  3. You are more than welcome. And let's just say that she certainly would have gotten a raise out of me. In more ways than one.

  4. I have other pictures of her in this room, but she's not in a black dress. Didn't even know about the dress.

  5. Hi GWM, thanks for your feedback, if you want to e:mail me a few examples I'd be intrigued to see them.

    cheers Hankyspanky

  6. Actually I've just seen the latest update at Mark's Cum Blog and I'm sure thats the same girl in one of the pics, not exactly the sweet innocent she first seemed!