Wednesday, August 26, 2009

# 57 Take Your Pick Night

This evening it's Take Your Pick Night here at the LBD blog. So who would you do?


  1. The brunette in the shortest dress please, standing between the two blondes, even though she's committing the crime of a white bra beneath a LBD.

    I see somebody has already paid a deposit for the girl to her pockets in a little black dress, but she's found a nice place to keep it.

    And again, why the sunglasses on top of the head?

  2. Man, this is tough. I really like 4erimard's girl a lot. And GWM's choice is also fantastic. But I've got to go with the babe that's got cash sticking out of her cleavage. Something tells me she's looking to have a VERY good night.