Friday, October 9, 2009

# 94 It's Friday Night, It's The Little Black Dress Blog, So As Ever It's "Take Your Pick Night".

I know who'd I'd "do", what's your choice?
Krystal, Karen, Katie, Gibbs.
Front Row-Liz, Krystal, Karen, Lindsey - back row - Lauren, Laura, Katie, Gibbs
Laura Katie Karen Lindsey and Gibbs

And this was before they'd even hit the bars!
Karen & Lyndsey
Maggie (left) Lindsey (right)


  1. Based on the pic of all 8 chickadees, I'm going with the blonde 2nd from the left on the back row. She looks sexy as hell and the next pic proves she's got a nice rack.

  2. She's officialy your's Sir, marked as taken, any blog readers want to stake their claim to any of the other delightful girls?