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#112 Tamsin Egerton

19 year old British actress Tamsin Egerton appears in the just released film St Trinian's 2 and this very leggy young lady has certainly caused heads to turn, not least when she wore a very fetching little black dress. Handled correctly (so to speak)this newcomer will have a great future ahead of her.

As a St Trinian's schoolgirl

Some other pics of her for any readers who'd like to see them, my word what a very leggy young lady she is.

General update

I haven't updated recently due to a combination of being incredibly busy and incredibly lazy all at the same time but I'm starting up again as of now.
Incidentally I've just looked back at all the posts in the blog to remind me of what I had and hadn't posted. I noticed there are a couple of duplicate picture posts, due to the chaotic (non)organisation of my picture collection. If you happen to notice any duplicates in future posts please let me know so I can put post a substitute.



Hardley Surton update

On 30 Sept I made posted wondering at the Hardley Surton mystery as all his blogs had suddenly disppeared without any apparent warning. A few days ago he left a comment on the post as follows -
"No more updates, but all my old pics are here now:
enjoy -HS"

Thanks HS, I'm sure many blog readers will be pleased to know you're archive is safe and accessible.